Our mission

Making cell therapies

more efficient & safer more available & affordable

to cure millions of patients

Next-Gen Cell Therapies

Ready-to-graft microtissue formats

To unleash the therapeutic potential of
stem cell-derived cell therapies


Scalable manufacturing
with flawless cell quality

To meet medical needs in terms of cell volume, lead time, cost and safety

TreeFrog Therapeutics I iPS-derived cell therapies I Cell Therapy for all

TreeFrog Therapeutics is a cell therapy biotech based in Bordeaux, France. TreeFrog advances a pipeline of allogeneic cell therapies based on human induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSCs) and develops a breakthrough technology – C-Stem – allowing to scale-up cell therapy manufacturing in bioreactors thus reducing cell therapy costs, to improve cell quality to ensure the genomic safety of cell therapy products, and to enhance the efficacy of cellular therapies through a delivery approach based on 3D microtissues containing mature cell phenotypes (in contrast with cell therapies based single-cell suspensions of progentiors). C-Stem enables exponential iPS cell amplification with high viability, pluripotency and genomic integrity in large-scale stirred-tank bioreactors, thus producing commercial-size single-batches of iPS of over 10 billions cells. Our iPS platform also enables direct differentiation of human pluripotent stem cells into the desired cell type in a ready-to-graft 3D microtissue format. The company founded by Kevin Alessandri & Maxime Feyeux, aims at providing access to safe, efficient and affordable cell therapies for all.