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To unleash the therapeutic potential of stem cell-derived cell therapies


Our goal is to bring the benefits of C-Stem™ as fast as possible to patients. To do so, we advance proprietary cell therapy programs and partner with leading initiatives from the industry and the academia.

Lead programme

Neural microtissues to cure Parkinson's disease

In contrast with cell therapy approaches based on the transplantation of single cells, the C-Stem™ technology generates 3D neural microtissues containing mature dopaminergic neurons. 

Since 2018, preclinical studies demonstrated robust in vivo effects and safety profile, with fast and complete motor function recovery. 

Aiming at a first-in-human trial in 2025, TreeFrog is now moving forward with regulatory toxicology studies and is transferring the GMP C-Stem™ platform to a CDMO to manufactur clinical-grade batches.

Neural microtissue containing mature dopaminerguic neurons differentiated
from human induced pluripotent stem cells cultured in 3D using C-Stem™ technology

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    Cell Therapy Pipeline I iPS-derived cell therapies I Allogeneic Stem Cell Therapies

    TreeFrog Therapeutics is advancing a pipeline of hiPSC-derived cell therapies based on the C-Stem technology. Our lead programme is an iPS-based cell therapy for Parkinson’s disease, which will reach IND and Phase I in 2025. We are also developing allogeneic therapies for heart failure with hiPSC-derived cardiac cells, iPS-derived HSC transplants with the EFS, iPS-derived CAR & NK cell therapies for oncology, iPS-derived cell therapies for AMD, as well as exploratory cell therapies for hepatic and pancreatic diseases (acute liver failure and Diabetes Type I)