Engineering 3D micro-compartments for highly efficient and scale-independent expansion of human pluripotent stem cells in bioreactors

Exponential hiPSC expansion in 10L bioreactors with C-Stem™ published in Biomaterials


This new paper dedicated to hiPSC expansion with the C-Stem™ technology platform shows that:

  1. hiPSCs seeded in C-Stem™-generated capsules self-organize into in vivo-like 3D lumenized colonies (morphologically reminiscent of epiblasts).

  2. Unprecedented >275-fold amplification of hiPSCs within 6.5 days in 10L bioreactors, with high reproducibility and maintenance of cell quality

  3. C-Stem™ maintains the pluripotency and genomic integrity of hiPSCs throughout exponential expansion.

Overall, this publication opens new perspectives for the mass production of high-quality hiPSC-derived cell therapy products.

We asked our co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer, Maxime Feyeux, to answer a series of frequently asked questions: 

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