EIC ScalingUp TreeFrog Therapeutics

EIC ScalingUp TOP50: TreeFrog Therapeutics selected among 3,000 European Deeptech companies


Throughout 2022, TreeFrog Therapeutics will be connected to strategic international investors through the EIC ScaleUp initiative. Selected among 3,000+ deeptech companies funded by the €10.1 billion EIC innovation programme for European startups and SMEs, TreeFrog Therapeutics joins the EIC Scalingup TOP50 and EIC Growth Club.

“TreeFrog Therapeutics was born and raised within the French and European deeptech ecosystem. We now come to an inflection point, where we need to simultaneously deploy our technology in the E.U., U.S. and Japan, to widen the technological gap with our competitors, and to move to the clinic a pipeline of unique cell therapy products based on a technology that sets new standards in terms of scalability and quality. To fulfill our ambition to unlock cell therapy for a large number of patients, we need the trust and support from our investors. Therefore, we are very happy, at TreeFrog Therapeutics, to join the European program for the emergence of deeptech unicorns and get the support from its experts.”
Frederic Desdouits, PhD, CEO of TreeFrog Therapeutics

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