First webinar on November 18!

First webinar on November 18!


We’re glad to invite you to the first webinar held by TreeFrog Therapeutics on November 18, at 10 am (EST):

Scaling-up iPS-derived cell therapy production
while preserving cell quality

In this webinar, Kevin Alessandri, our CEO & co-founder, will present data showing that:

  • C-Stem enables >100x hPSC expansion per week in bioreactors due to superior cell viability
    C-Stem introduces a new standard for hPSC quality (stemness, pluripotency, genomic integrity)
    C-Stem yields functional 3D hPSC-derived microtissues improving therapeutic efficacyThis overview of the C-Stem technology will be followed by an open discussion.

Hop-Hop-ing to see you there !

The TreeFrog Team